Find Your Food Intolerance
Are you sensitive to certain foods or fluids?


Over 600 items including gluten, casein, whey, coffee, caffeine, tea, garlic, vegetables, fruits and spices, herbs, beans, tofu and certain alcohols. Different types of grains for example wheat, oats and rice. You wil also be screened for different types of cheeses, milks, oils and e-numbers.

Nutrient profile - Vitamins, Minerals. Fatty acids, Enzymes and Amino acids. Non-foods - excess Heavy Metals; for example Aluminium and Titanium.

Medical Disclaimer:
This website contains general information about medical conditions and therapies. If you may be suffering from any medical condition or you are feeling unwell you should seek immediate medical attention from your G.P. If you are thinking of giving up a food group or a staple food please contact your G.P.

Find Your Food Intolerance

 NOTE - After your submission of this registration form, you will receive instructions via email within 24 hours on how to send your sample to us. 


  • Preparation is the key if you are going to avoid a food or fluid for a period of time.
  • Your sample is your nail clippings. Please clip all 10 fingers nails into your envelope. You can use clean toe nails.
  • Follow our instructions step by step when you send us your sample.


Instructions on how to interpret your results will be sent in your report email.

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