Find your food intolerance
Are you sensitive to certain foods or fluids?

What are food sensitivities ?

Food sensitivities or intolerance symptoms are less intense than an allergy and usually do not appear immediately, but mostly within 12–48 hours, after eating the offending food or fluid and usually involve a different set of immune system antibodies IgG.

You may get headaches, heartburn, feeling sluggish, bloating, abdominal cramping,  brain fog, water retention and bowel issues.

If you can tolerate a small amount of the food, or tolerate it if it’s prepared a certain way, you are likely to have a sensitivity. If you desensitize yourself from that food for a period of time then reintroduce the food in a small amount and feel fine, then you were sensitive to that food.


Find Your food intolerance



  • Preparation is the key if you are going to avoid a food or fluid for a period of time.
  • Your sample is your nail clippings. Please clip all 10 fingers nails into your envelope.
  • Follow our instructions step by step when you send us your sample.


Instructions on how to interpret your results will be sent in your report email.